Letters, Shapes, and Colors…Oh my!

Easily a new all-time favorite amongst the early learners is the game “Who has? I have…” There are a multitude of subjects and themes that can be composed within a game such as this. These particular ones used have letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. They combine the color and shape cards, but only give three different shapes to choose from. This helps with learning the three basic shapes: circles, squares, and triangles. We also did a little interactive movement with our hands to show each shape as we said its name. 

The game starts with whomever has the smallest number or the first letter of the alphabet. When it’s your turn, you read the card and say, “I have ___. Who has ___?” Then whomever has that card will do the same. The game ends when there are no more cards.  This game does not go in any sort of order so the kids really have to be paying attention to what is being said and what cards they have in front of them. So this game is very high energy, good focus on listening and reading, and can be styled to just about any topic you’d like. 

“Look, I have a mountain of letters!”


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