Winter is…

It’s time again as the seasons are about to change to think back as to what winter really is. The Midwest didn’t receive much of a winter besides sudden freezing cold temperatures after a 70 degree day and little snowflake teasers that don’t stick to the ground. (Let’s talk about global warming, kids!) This made the activity that much more challenging for us because we had to imagine what winter is supposed to look like. For some students we had to think back on Christmas traditions and Lunar New Year celebrations for winter-esque inspiration. The focus was on not only describing winter using our senses but also adding that descriptive language to our writing. Using adjectives to give more details to what we want to say and how we can say it. 

This is such a simple activity that really gets our brains thinking in a creative yet purposeful way. Many students don’t know the differences between the seasons or the holidays, feelings, and traditions associated with each season. So discussing cultural celebrations, school celebrations, and reading books about the different seasons all help to add to the brainstorming and creative process that is learning. The kids walk away with a better understanding of the season by breaking it down using our senses. 


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