Defining Our Words

With each new book we pick up we come across unfamiliar words that we don’t know how to read or even pronounce. A lot of times when we come to a word we don’t know, we find ways to sound out the word, stretch it, or seek out further support. We usually perform a matching activity to where we match our new vocabulary with its corresponding picture. With the more advanced students we match vocabulary words with their definition.

Today we decided to do a Google image search of our vocabulary words, instead of just giving the students pictures and vocabulary words to match. I set up my iPad in the middle of our table and wrote out four words to be copied down. We scrolled through different images and chose our favorites to illustrate our words. Unlike most of our vocabulary words, all of these words could easily be drawn. This language strategy helps to further instill the meaning of each learned word as well as cement a defining image into the brain that corresponds with it.


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