Illustrator Study: Christina Balit

Christina Balit is an English artist that illustrates many retold stories such as mythological and biblical tales as well as some Arabian tales. Her art incorporates mixed medias such as colored pencils, crayons, watercolors, and metallic foils. Her art is extremely detailed and carefully crafted. 

Yesterday I gave an illustrator study presentation and we began our own mythological illustration inspired by Christina Balit. The kids were amazed by her work and even their own as their Greek and Roman artwork comes to life. 

The first picture is an example of Balit’s work. The following are the kids interpretations of the artist as well as my own. (I’m sure you can tell which one is mine.) 



This was a great reminder to the group that just like how we study a specific author, we can also study illustrators and their incredible works. 


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