Classical Mythology

So until last weekend I was unaware of the difference between Greek/Roman Mythology and Classical Mythology. Apparently Greek Mythology and Roman Mythology is grouped under the heading of “Classical Mythology.” Either way I love mythology! I love the gods and goddesses and everything about the topic. We introduced this topic for a two week, all day inquiry topic on Monday. The kids literally cheered and screamed in joy over the topic. What better way to motivate a teacher and give her a pat on the back? We dove right in with a Reader’s Theatre performed by us teachers. (Sorry we forgot to take pictures in our costumes). We have been reading lots of literature from reader’s theatres to research notes to a daily myth/moral to picture books to informational texts.

The kids chose their own god/goddess/monster/creature to study and basically become, in a sense. We wrote a bio poem today about our character and started planning on building a bust of our characters. To prepare ourselves for this life-size art project we viewed a “virtual” museum of busts from Ancient Greece. The kids were a little intimidated at first but I know they will take this on without any problems or frets.

We also discussed stars and constellations today and how they relate to Classical Mythology. We read a little bit about stars and then mapped out the related constellations, such as Heracles, Pegasus, Perseus, Hyrda, and Centaurus. We are truly working towards being a STEAM school every single day, pushing full STEAM ahead.


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