Getting My Bearings

As another week comes to an end, I think I’ve finally got my bearings in the classroom. You get into so much of a routine of your own that it takes a bit to get back into a more structured setting. The kids have been flexible as well as us teachers so it’s been great.

This past week we have been working on a lot of graphs and different types/categories of graphs in math. There are so many ways you can collect and represent data and the kids are just baffled by our findings.

In our reading focus lessons we have been wrapping up realistic fiction and the components that make up the genre. Students made up their own realistic fiction details and wrote them out on the graphic organizer pictured below. The ideas that some of the kids come up with are so detailed and intense at times; They have such an immense amount of knowledge behind them.

With our writing focus lessons we have started to touch on review and critique writing. We made a checklist for review writing and brainstormed a variety of things we could write reviews on. We will carry this topic through next week as well.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done this week.

What adventures happened in your neck of the woods?


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