Growing Up With Too Many Chooses

In my Emergent Language course we have been reading “Growing Up with Language,” which describes and strives to explain how young children form words in attempt to get their word across. I find it very intriguing–not only how preschool age children speak but also how adults try to wrap their brains around these poorly spoken words. I’m always fascinated by things that children say so I find a few laughs in this book. I can understand a child’s frustrations when we can’t comprehend what they are trying to say. Then they fret and ask “Why you don’t like my chooses?” It’s hard not to grin at these chop shopped phrases but also how to assist them in finding the right words at the right time.

I’ve been told before that when “correcting” a child’s speech or even just talking with a child that it helps to repeat what they say. Naomi S. Baron says to try recasting their words to better suit proper English grammar; rather than repeating their silly and most times nonsensical language bits. We need to work on fixing “Why we aren’t going home yet?” to “Why aren’t we going home?…Yeah. Why aren’t we going home?”


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